Great Choices at Hydepark Brunch at Radisson Blu

After our sumptuous brunch at Hydepark Coffee Shop, it is time to tell you how it fares on our standards of a Doha brunch.  Beware though, we do not claim to be real experts on this yet but we try to compare places in the city that offers brunches based on value for money, food choices, ambience, kids-friendliness and overall “enjoyability” for a weekend dining out with family or friends.


The welcoming staff of Hydepark greeted us at the entrance and happily directed us to our table, (make sure to always – always have your advance reservations on brunches) which was conveniently located at the center and near the buffet area.  Immediately, our eyes locked on the chocolate fountain and dessert station that open up the buffet set up that seemed to assure us we were going to have a really sweet afternoon.

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By the time I checked out each area of food choices, well, much to my surprise and amazement was wide variety of several culinary feasts for a brunch.  There were Japanese, Chinese, oriental, Indian and of course the international offerings.  There were 3 live cooking stations for oriental wraps, Japanese tempura, pasta and crepes/pancakes.

20151023_123206 20151023_123213

Guests during the brunch were mostly asian and western expats, and maybe the reason why the Arabian flavours were limited.  The whole area felt very “restaurant-y” as compared to other brunches with a homey feel, yet it was not very discriminating.

There were also kids’ activities like face painting, coloring and a mascot, but the actual kids’ area was the hallway leading to the restaurant from the hotel lobby.  The children played rolling game at the carpeted descending stairs which for us felt untidy for children most of the time.  But as long as kids enjoy it? Sure, why not! Anyway, they have the ice-cream and cotton candy treats at one corner.

20151023_131526 20151023_131536 20151023_131930


To add entertainment, there was a jazz band that played very well and for us it was a plus!  Although again, we wished they have put a mini-stage for them to be more professional-looking and classy entertainment.


Overall, we loved the Hydepark brunch.  The value for our money is there, we were drowned in so many choices yet great-tasting food and spent an afternoon filled with jazz and chit-chat with friends and we left with stomach full, un-empty pockets and smiles from the friendly staff.

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