Italian Garden Inspires Bvlgari’s Art of New High Jewellery

Inspired by the Italian Gardens, Bvlgari launches its newest collection of irresistibly sophisticated pieces that reflect the art of true high jewelry.

Bulgari Jewelry Italian Garden

Hidden Treasure

The unusual cut enhances the extraordinary brightness of these amazing earrings that draw their evocative power from four fancy emeralds.

Bulgari Jewelry Hidden Treasure

Blue Iridiscence

An extraordinary set of sapphires embellishes this necklace. The design draws inspiration from the festoons found in the Roman caves of the Domus area.

Bulgari Jewelry Blue Iridiscence

Sparkling Hearts

Inspired by the geometry of Italian flowerbeds, this necklace adds a romantic touch to Renaissance design.

Bulgari Jewelry Sparkling Hearts

Water Symphony

Inspired by the musicality of Italian fountains, this necklace is a melody that revolves around the large central sapphire which is counterpointed by the smallest sapphire.

Bulgari Jewelry Water Symphony

Spring Encounter

This creation inspired by a visionary masterpiece necklace from 1969 is an ode to the eternal rebirth of nature: the Allegory of Spring by Sandro Botticelli.

Bulgari Jewelry Spring Encounter

Magical Reflections

This necklace is inspired by water chains giving it a unique and unmistakable design.

Bulgari Jewelry Magical Reflections

Secret Garden

Most of the Italian Renaissance gardens have an intimate and hidden area. This necklace takes its inspirations from these discreet and precious angles.

Bulgary Jewelry Secret Garden

Love’s Paradise

Love’s Paradise alludes to the ideal of the garden as a place of delight, a heaven created for the pleasure of those who have the privilege to enjoy it.

Bulgari Jewelry Loves Paradise