Gucci’s Geek-Chic Beauty for Spring Summer 2016 Inspired by Whimsical Flowers

Inside the new Gucci color collection look for Spring Summer 2016. Inspired by the whimsical flowers in Gucci fashion shows, eyes are defined with a soft mauve, lips with an ethereal apricot pink and nails with a warm purple grey lacquer.

Gucci Makeup Spring Summer 2016 1

Pink flamingo, Magnetic Shadow Quad

The Color Shadow Quad fuses vibrant hues with lavish textures. Each quad holds a combination designed to recreate a signature Gucci look from sophisticated to bold. The eyeshadow is saturated with color for a high-impact, buildable finish while pre-treated, jet-milled powders make for a luxurious application.

Gucci Makeup Spring Summer 2016 Color Shadow Quad Pink flamingo

Primrose, Magnetic Shadow Duo

Expertly crafted, the Magnetic Color Shadow Duo fuses vibrant hues with lavish textures. A carefully balanced pairing, each eyeshadow duo is saturated with pigment, while powder particles are pretreated and primed for high-color impact.  Limited edition.

Gucci Makeup Spring Summer 2016 Magnetic Color Shadow Duo Primrose

Pink camelia, Sheer Blushing Powder

The sophisticated Sheer Blushing Powder softly illuminates and awakens the complexion for a radiant shine. Ultra-fine powders are jet-milled to create a soft powder blush, which gives a veil of color to the cheeks and adds balance and natural depth to the face.  Pink Ccamelia 060

Gucci Makeup Spring Summer 2016 Sheer Blushing Powder Pink Camelia

Luxurious Lipstick (Lilac and Carnation)

The Luxurious Moisture-Rich Lipstick delivers bold color with an opulent finish. Enriched with a distinctive blend of oils, the formula glides on effortlessly and moisturizes the lips. Specially designed to give incredible coverage in a single swipe, the sculpted sharp-edged form allows for a precise application.

Gucci Makeup Spring Summer 2016 Luxurious Moisture-Rich Lipstick

Spring Rose, Vibrant Lip Lacquer

Vibrant Demi-Glaze Lip Lacquer delivers a dose of intense color with a demi-glaze finish and a sophisticated shine. Packed with pigment, the gloss lacquer is formulated with an expert balance of oils for a rich, creamy consistency.

Gucci Makeup Spring Summer 2016 Demi-Glaze Lip Lacquer

Cocoa, Infinite Length Mascara

Designed to enhance and elongate the appearance of lashes, our Infinite Length Mascara combines an innovative elastic formula with a brush intentionally made for precise application. The ultra-fluid, malleable formula clings onto bare lashes and stretches out past the tips.

Gucci Makeup Spring Summer 2016 Infinite Length Mascara

High-Gloss Lacquer (Dark anemone and  Bougainville)

The Bold High-Gloss Lacquer combines a state of the art formula and an innovative brush for a luxurious manicure experience. The specialized triangular-bristle brush provides impeccable, even coverage with each stroke, while the pigment-saturated nail polish results in a glossy, high-shine look.

Gucci Makeup Spring Summer 2016 Bold High-Gloss Lacquer